James 1:2-11

In this very first episode ever (insert screaming and dancing and curling up in a ball in the corner of the room), you’ll hear my conversation with my friend, Olivia. We recorded almost a year ago and now she is a freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, AL! She has cheered me on in this endeavor and has believed in me so much–she even wrote an article for our school’s newspaper just to hold me accountable to actually publishing this!!

Fun Fact: I helped teach Olivia how to drive. She and her mom kept arguing while she had her learner’s permit, so her mom and I traded kids. My three crazy people went to her house for a few hours for a couple of days in the summer to swim, and Olivia and I drove around town so that she could gain her confidence on the road. We both thought that we were winning–I got a break from my kids and she got a break from hers!

Oh, and her little sister and my oldest daughter are best friends, so even though this isn’t the best picture, I had to use it because it just about sums up our whole relationship–her mom and I are great friends, she babysits my kids, her sister and my oldest, and of course the beloved dog, Charles!

Olivia also has a blog in which she shares her heart, her style, and her observations on life as a teenager. It’s awesome–you should go check it out!

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