Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls

Ann Louise (Weezy)


James 1: 19-27

Weezy (far right) is my girl! I met her during her freshman year when she switched schools and joined our Young Life club and student activities team. She jumped in head first and came with all of her ideas and follow-through abilities. She gets me and I get her. This picture is from our mission trip to Puerto Rico (with our girl Alaina) and I watched her do what she does best–love big and love well!

Fun (or not so fun) fact: She recruited girls to come to Young Life camp this summer and we were so looking forward to our last week together before I moved, but she got mono just a couple of days before we were supposed to leave. I immediately went to her house to hug her neck (who cares about germs) and we cried and I was so encouraged by her hope even in the midst of such a let down. We even brought pictures of her to camp to take pics with her and pretend that she was there! She was a champ and handled it probably better than I would have!

You will absolutely adore my girl Weezy!


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