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img_5422.jpgWhere do I even begin with this child?! Abbie is the definition of resilient. She has been through the ringer in her short life and has clung to Jesus in the midst of trials, triumphs, loss, and new life. She exudes joy in everything that she does and doesn’t hold back. She goes all in for people, all in for Jesus, and all in for living her best life now. Abbie has been a faithful friend and cheerleader to the Walkers as a whole. She jumped right on board with the podcast idea when I first mentioned it and was one of the first to know that we were going to move to California. She is trustworthy and kind and really just the best. Oh and that’s us with Annie F. Downs because of course she loved Abbie too when she met her at graduation. (Annie was our keynote speaker!)

Fun Fact: Abbie once flooded my house. She and Olivia were babysitting one time and someone made a mess so they got some towels to clean the floor. When they went to wash the towels (because they are good babysitters), they realized that there were clothes in the washer so they moved them to the dryer and started a load. Little did they (or we) know, but the water hose was loose, so the hose disconnected and basically flooded the floor. So they had to get more towels to clean up and had to do more laundry! So, long story short, when we got home they were folding my husband’s underwear on the couch and trying to keep it together!!!



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