Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls


James 2: 14-26

The Walkers absolutely ADORE Hannah! She is probably the #1 most requested babysitter by my children and is loved by all. Hannah exudes kindness and I don’t think I’ve met a single person who has anything negative to say about her. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and it is evident in the way that she lives her life. Hannah and I have had countless hours of conversations about Jesus and life and faith and this episode is just a small window into this fabulous child’s heart!


Fun Fact: About a month before summer started, my best friend Jess who works at a Christian camp in New Braunfels, TX called me asking if I had an awesome high school girl who was free for 7 weeks that summer and would be willing to be on work crew. I immediately thought of Hannah, called her, she talked to her parents, she filled out the application, she was hired, and she committed–all in about a 5-day period! It was a whirlwind but I am so glad that she said YES! She had the best summer AND we got to visit her on our “tour-de-Texas” before we moved to California!!!

This girl is the real deal and you’re gonna want to listen to her practical thoughts on following Jesus in high school!



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