Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls


sageJames 3:1-12

Calming. Sincere. Gracious.

These are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Sage. And honestly, there are many, many more. She is a lady of little words and with the hugest heart. She is the opposite of me (and many of my other gals) in so many ways, and is the biggest breath of fresh air that all of us need. Sage is patient and thoughtful and can read a room better than anyone I know. She dreams of a world filled with kindness and is that very spark of kindness in pretty much any relationship or situation.

Fun Fact: Sage said YES to Jesus with me on a busted up lab table in my classroom during 7th period one day! You heard that right! She thought that she needed to have this awesome “experience” in order to say yes to Jesus. Any of her friends who are following Jesus had a “moment” on a mission trip or at Young Life camp or on top of a mountain or in a perfect conversation at their favorite Christian summer camp. (And all of those things are GREAT–I said yes to Jesus at Young Life camp myself!) She felt like she was just waiting for her moment. And then, wrapped up in one of my most favorite conversations of all time (and one that I will cherish forever), she realized that this was her moment. Right there on that graffitied  lab table, Sage gave her life to Jesus! And that picture up there, that’s right after she said yes–just look at that SMILE!!!


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