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John 3:16

We are taking a mid-season break to spend some time talking about why it’s important to spend time with the Lord and how to have a active date with the Lord. This is by no means a recipe for success or a 10-step plan to better your quiet times. This is just my notes from doing this for a while. So many times I have walked with young ladies through how to have a “quiet time” and I decided to share some of my thoughts about it with you.

If you have been listening to this podcast and you are loving what you are hearing, stop right now and go open your bible. Open up to the section of James that we are discussing and dig deeper into what it means in your life to day–into what new character of himself that God is trying to show you. You absolutely won’t regret it!

IMG_6911At the end of the episode, there’s even a little bonus time with my 6-year-old, Lucy. She shares her favorite bible verse with you and I asked her questions similar to the ones I guide y’all through in this episode. Below you will also find some of the thoughts and questions to guide you through literally any piece of scripture.

I am beyond grateful that you are still following along and I truly do hope and pray that it brings a nugget of truth to your day!

Some of my thoughts on having an active time with the Lord:

  • Go through a book in the bible–starting in the New Testament (Gospels–John)
  • One section at a time (not even the whole chapter)
  • Read it. Read it again. Read it one more time.–get your Bible app to read it to you
  • Meditate–think about what is going on.
    • Read the passage before to remind yourself what just happened. Try to imagine the smells and then sounds and the people in the story.
    • Ask Jesus to show you what he wants you to hear
    • How does this story affect my life? What does it remind me of?
  • Pray–engage in conversation with God
    • How can I see God’s love through the passage?
    • What new characteristic of God do I see in the passage?
    • How does this truth play out in my life? In my relationships?
  • Act–make the text come to life
    • What am I supposed to do/change?
    • How am I going to do it?
    • Share this with a friend.

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