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James 3:13-18

I have many thoughts about this gal right here. She is smart, kind, and considerate. She is passionate about life and learning and efficiency. For the last few years she has been my sidekick in all things student activities. She and I planned an amazing Academic Pep Rally a couple of years ago and I literally need her in my life forever to keep me together. She is thoughtful in everything that she says and does and truly cares about people. I honestly cannot get over her organization and ability to do so many things with such intentionality. Jillian is going to change the world–mark my words!

Fun Fact: In addition to being super smart, Jillian is mad-talented. She is in theater and ballet and has been in the Nutcracker countless times as well as many other ballets put on by the Lafayette Ballet Theater. Last season she was the Evil Queen in Snow White, and at the end of one of her big parts my daughter looked at me and saw me sobbing. I literally couldn’t control my emotions. Jillian was stunning and I thought, I KNOW HER! I felt like Buddy the Elf when he talks about Santa–I was proud to know her and watch her doing her thing and I couldn’t get over it. My daughter didn’t understand, but I felt like the proudest teacher, mentor, friend, etc. when she was up there. It was everything!


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