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James 4: 11-12

Hysterical. Passionate. Talented.

Emma is truly one of the greatest surprises of my teaching career. She plopped into my “Navigating Relationships” class (one that I invented) second semester of last year and was just the greatest delight. She was homeschooled most of her life and decided to come back to traditional school and I got the pleasure of having her in my class. It was a small class and she was the only underclassman, but she was the greatest joy. All of us–myself and the upperclassmen–quickly fell in love with her and her humor and wisdom. Below you’ll see her starring as Peter Pan in CYT’s spring production of, you guessed it, PETER PAN!


Fun Fact: Emma gave a chapel talk on the Friday of her first week at a brand new school and did a skit in a pep rally during the first week–as a sophomore! Yes, you heard me right. This gal is fearless and brave and wise beyond her years. She is the master of improv and loves Jesus and people fiercely.

You are truly going to LOVE her!

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