Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls

Caroline Z.

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Caroline (bottom row, second from right) and me with our cabin at Sharptop Cove Young Life Camp in 2016.

James 5: 13-20

Against the grain. Pensive. Adventurous.

You are in for a real treat with my girl, Caroline. She is one of the coolest girls I know and she is always so much fun to hang out with. She has been through a lot in her short life and has grown up into an educated, thoughtful, and inspiring young lady. In our conversation, we chatted about prayer, how it changes things, and how it is so complicated sometimes! You will LOVE her!

Fun Fact: Caroline and I have clocked in many hours of conversation about life and Jesus and life with Jesus and what life would look like without Jesus. I have loved every one of them and have walked out of each one with even more hope in her generation of young people. We even got to chat right before she decided to start walking with Jesus at Sharptop Cove–what a gift!!!

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