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img_5422.jpgWhere do I even begin with this child?! Abbie is the definition of resilient. She has been through the ringer in her short life and has clung to Jesus in the midst of trials, triumphs, loss, and new life. She exudes joy in everything that she does and doesn’t hold back. She goes all in for people, all in for Jesus, and all in for living her best life now. Abbie has been a faithful friend and cheerleader to the Walkers as a whole. She jumped right on board with the podcast idea when I first mentioned it and was one of the first to know that we were going to move to California. She is trustworthy and kind and really just the best. Oh and that’s us with Annie F. Downs because of course she loved Abbie too when she met her at graduation. (Annie was our keynote speaker!)

Fun Fact: Abbie once flooded my house. She and Olivia¬†were babysitting one time and someone made a mess so they got some towels to clean the floor. When they went to wash the towels (because they are good babysitters), they realized that there were clothes in the washer so they moved them to the dryer and started a load. Little did they (or we) know, but the water hose was loose, so the hose disconnected and basically flooded the floor. So they had to get more towels to clean up and had to do more laundry! So, long story short, when we got home they were folding my husband’s underwear on the couch and trying to keep it together!!!



Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls

Grace Ann Mabry (GAM)


Where do I even start with GAM? She is larger than life and always over the top. She shortens all of her words to one syllable (or half of a syllable) and she is truly the life of every party. She has BIG BIG feelings and welcomes everyone into her feelings (in the best way). Grace and I have spent countless hours in my classroom laughing, crying, laughing, crying, and talking about all of the hard life things. I consider it one of the greatest privileges to be able to walk through high school with her and here’s to hoping that this is just the beginning.

Fun fact: Grace is a test tube baby! She was born via surrogate–how cool is that! And I knew her for like three years before I found out. You can just about imagine how much I freaked out and asked ALL THE QUESTIONS!!

GAM is the real deal and gives honest answers and I think you’ll find this conversation refreshing!

Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls

Ann Louise (Weezy)


James 1: 19-27

Weezy (far right) is my girl! I met her during her freshman year when she switched schools and joined our Young Life club and student activities team. She jumped in head first and came with all of her ideas and follow-through abilities. She gets me and I get her. This picture is from our mission trip to Puerto Rico (with our girl Alaina) and I watched her do what she does best–love big and love well!

Fun (or not so fun) fact: She recruited girls to come to Young Life camp this summer and we were so looking forward to our last week together before I moved, but she got mono just a couple of days before we were supposed to leave. I immediately went to her house to hug her neck (who cares about germs) and we cried and I was so encouraged by her hope even in the midst of such a let down. We even brought pictures of her to camp to take pics with her and pretend that she was there! She was a champ and handled it probably better than I would have!

You will absolutely adore my girl Weezy!


Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls



James 1:13-18

In this episode, you’ll hear my conversation with my girl Sidney (on the right in this pic). Sid is the real deal, y’all. She cares deeply for people and justice and Jesus. She loves big and she loves well. She has the best work ethic I have ever seen and puts her heart and soul into everything that she does.

Fun Fact: Sidney is currently enrolled in her third class with me (even though I have now moved across the country) and keeps coming back for more! She was also my right hand lady (or maybe I was hers) for our 3rd Annual Academic Pep Rally and she killed it! We had way to much fun planning it, stressed out only a few times, and I really believe became better people because of working so closely with each other.

I am so grateful for this girl and I really think that anyone will appreciate her honesty and her thoughts on these verses!





James 1:2-11

In this very first episode ever (insert screaming and dancing and curling up in a ball in the corner of the room), you’ll hear my conversation with my friend, Olivia. We recorded almost a year ago and now she is a freshman at Samford University in Birmingham, AL! She has cheered me on in this endeavor and has believed in me so much–she even wrote an article for our school’s newspaper just to hold me accountable to actually publishing this!!

Fun Fact: I helped teach Olivia how to drive. She and her mom kept arguing while she had her learner’s permit, so her mom and I traded kids. My three crazy people went to her house for a few hours for a couple of days in the summer to swim, and Olivia and I drove around town so that she could gain her confidence on the road. We both thought that we were winning–I got a break from my kids and she got a break from hers!

Oh, and her little sister and my oldest daughter are best friends, so even though this isn’t the best picture, I had to use it because it just about sums up our whole relationship–her mom and I are great friends, she babysits my kids, her sister and my oldest, and of course the beloved dog, Charles!

Olivia also has a blog in which she shares her heart, her style, and her observations on life as a teenager. It’s awesome–you should go check it out!

Christianity, Teen, Teenage Girls

Why Get Salty?

Hey sisters! I’m so glad that you found the “Let’s Get Salty Podcast”!!! I am a high school chemistry and physics teacher and volunteer Young Life leader who has had this little dream of providing biblical content to high school girls that is practical, relatable, and easy to access. In my 11 years of high school ministry, I have found that high school students have become increasingly busy, not because they have more homework or are more involved, but because they (and let’s be honest me too) take exponentially longer to get stuff done because they are distracted by their devices. I mean, I’m not that old, but I remember coming home from school and if a friend wanted to call me, she’d call the land line at my house and if I was still working on homework my mom would tell her that I’d have to call her back! (The disgrace!!) I sure did get my homework done quickly so that I could do all the talking with all of my friends.

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